Keeping kids healthy is not an easy task but it’s a task we are here to help you with. Kids are known for being a petri dish for viruses and germs causing them to miss class, you miss work days and wait long hours at a doctor’s office or clinic. Here are some tips to help prevent your child/children and you from missing any days. 

  • Get Adjusted. Proper spinal alignment encourages a healthy nervous system. A optimal functioning nervous system means and optimal functioning immune system. It’s simple…the nervous system is the master controller of every single cell in our body. Help support your child/children’s immune system with monthly adjustments. These adjustments can also help prevent headaches, aid with healthy digestion and sleep and daily “growing pains”.
  • Healthy Eating. Kids need energy to be kids, providing an adequate meal can also keep their immune systems strong. A rule of thumb is having a colorful meal, containing lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables (preferably local and/or organic), protein and whole grains. Not missing a meal is very important. This will also help your child stay focused and concentrate throughout the day. Also limit the amount of sugar your child/children consume as it causes whole body inflammation and creates an environment that bacteria and viruses thrive in; basically it’s not the immune system’s friend.
  • Sleep. Kids need to sleep! It’s recommended that elementary school kids should be getting 9 to 11 hours of sleep. Sleep will also decrease lack of attention, mood swings and risk of infections. This also applies to you as a parent! 
  • Supplementation. Being proactive rather than reactive is the best way to keep them healthy. Making sure their diet is supplemented where deficient; for instance in the winter when fruits and veggies are not as readily available or in season. A good multivitamin that contains plenty of vitamin D, C, and zinc is a great start. Pair your child’s multi with an omega fish oil and probiotic to put all the odds in their favor!

Order your child’s Supplements Today. Two ways of getting his/hers supplements order at this link or come into our office to pick them up today. 

  • Hydrate. A child should be drinking 8 ounces of water equal to their age up to 64 oz.
  • Exercise. Kids that get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day tend to get fewer infections. Exercise will also help with their focus, attention-span and behavior.
  • Hand-washing. Yes, just as simple as that. Kids have their hands in their mouth, nose and other parts of their body. Spreading germs is part of being a kid but making sure their hands are washed can help decrease the chances of getting what their peers have also touched. Easy tip is having them sing “happy birthday” twice while washing to sufficiently kill those bugs.

Kids will be kids there’s no stopping that but there are a few simple things we can do to help them stay healthy and full of Vitality. We can help you to optimize your child’s health by making sure they are align, providing the supplements they require and giving you the resources you need. 

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