Massage Therapy

Adriana Mendez

Licensed Massage Therapist
Hello, my name is Adriana Mendez. I’ve been a massage therapist for 13 years. I am passionate about helping people and providing the positive effects of therapy on the body and mind. I have practiced with local chiropractors and area massage businesses. I have worked with hospice programs to provide their patients’ relief and peace.
Are you finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Sleeping on that pillow making your neck stiff? I specialize in deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. I can work with you on injury rehabilitation, assist in the relief of migraines and tension-related headaches or help you forget about life stresses with a relaxation-focused treatment. I practice aromatherapy and have a wide range of essential oils to assist with the many needs of my clients.

To book an appointment with Adriana please contact her directly at 816.289.9547 or email her at


Swedish Massage

In this massage, long gliding strokes and kneading muscles will be used to increase blood flow and relieve muscle tension. Although this is more of a relaxing massage, it also focuses on your muscle pain while still keeping your session relaxing for your mind and spirit needs.

Deep Tissue 

This type of massage is for those more chronic pain areas. More pressure will be used to the areas in need. Along with range of motion techniques and some stretching as needed. I always take my clients’ pressure tolerance level to heart. 


Trigger Point Therapy

This technique is designed to focus on those pressure-point areas to release neuromuscular pain. 


Specialized silicone or plastic cups placed on the skin (usually on the back) creates a suction on the skin to lift skin tissue in order to help release fascia. Cupping can also be used to massage over muscles. 

Hot/Cold Stone

Heated or cold stones can be placed on sore, tight, or inflamed muscles to help them relax.


The use of essential oils to be applied topically or through inhalation. 

 *Only use of high-quality grade essential oils 



A chemical compound from the cannabis plant. Used for muscle pain. With this added charge, it will include Aromatherapy and Cupping or Stone if needed.

 *Only use of high-quality grade essential oils 


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