How can you keep your athlete in top shape?

School is back in session and so are sports. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 57% of high school students play on at least one school or community sports team. That is nearly 8 million athletes! While we hope all athletes stay safe, some injuries are inevitable. There are ways to help you keep your student athlete stay in the game.

  • Strength and Conditioning. That’s why the pros have personal trainers! When the body is properly conditioned injuries are less susceptible to happen.
  • Rest. Rest is crucial for tissue healing and muscle repair and growth. Taking 1-2 days per week can help the body repair and prevent injuries.
  • Supplementation. Food is fuel! Would put bad gas into your car and expect it to perform at its best? Hopefully the obvious answer is, NO. Don’t fuel your body with processed foods, sugary drinks, or junk food. Instead, add lots of color into your diet and supplement your diet with high quality vitamins and minerals. Did you know we have a sports nutritionist in our office? Yes, we do! Dennis Cooke is a sports nutritionist, he is also owns a gym in Olathe.

Unfortunately, injuries do happen and what you do to treat those injuries will make the difference between a season-ending injury or missing a single-practice injury. How you treat those injuries matter, we want to provide you with several therapies we have at our office to get your athlete’s injuries healing faster.

What type of treatments are available in our office?

The most common injuries that happen in school sports are; contusions (bruises), sprains (partial or complete tears of ligaments), strains (partial or complete tears of muscle), and factures (partial or complete breaks of bones).

  • Adjustment. One of the main complaints we hear during sports season is back pain. This can be due to lifting weights, contact with other players and/or taking a tumble. A spinal or extremity adjustment can reduce the stress and strain on the body, help improve flexibility, improve balance and coordination and allow the body to heal faster from injuries!
  • X-Rays. We can take digital x-rays in the office, often times that same day! This is a great way to give you peace of mind and rule out any possible fractures.
  • Kinesiology Tape. Promotes neuromuscular re-education so that proper joint motion and muscle recruitment is restored.
  • Cold Laser. Speeds up the body’s natural healing process by reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Release. Breaks up fascial adhesions allowing soft tissue to heal properly

Kids will be kids, there’s no stopping that but there are a few simple things we can do to help them stay healthy and full of VITALITY! We can help optimize your child’s health by making sure they are align, provide the supplements they need and give you the resources to keep them safe and healthy!

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